All KeForma products – proteinic products, amino acids, energetic products, Vitamins, antioxidants – are created in-house by our scientific staff and by our research laboratory which manufactures nutritional supplements selecting raw materials directly. Professionalism, high competences and strict internal controlling guarantee the success and great quality of the products. 

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Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino

Banca del Stato del Cantone Ticino was founded in 1915 with the aim of promoting the economic development of the canton and offering Ticinese the opportunity to invest its savings safely and profitably. Over a hundred years have passed since it was founded, without ever having established BancaStato's important mission, firmly anchored in the law of institution. By virtue of the public mandate received, the Institute benefits from the State guarantee in the exercise of its activities.

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SISA Guiding You

SISA was founded in 1972 under the name Studio Computer SA in Lugano. 5 employees were the founding fathers and worked with a leading IBM system 360/20 with 16 KB main memory, 20 MB disk, a punch card punching machine and 2 magnetic tapes. The offer included computer services for salary accounting, bookkeeping and other software in our own data center.

Today, SISA employs 50 people in Reinach and Taverne, is Switzerland's market leader in customs software with Declare-it, and has successfully implemented its products with more than 200 customers in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

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Locarnini e Partner Assicurazioni SA 

Transparency and professionalism
Locarnini and Partners Assicurazioni SA is a brokerage company, which has extensive experience in the insurance and pension sector for over 100 years.
Our aim is to provide our clients with a careful consultation and a personalized study of insurance packages. We look for the ideal covers for you or your company in order to protect you from any unexpected event.

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Socar Energy 

SOCAR RETAIL: The most mobile form of service

Our customers should be happy when they continue their journey. It is therefore important to us that we meet all of your needs. With the excellent quality products and services, the cooperation with our partner, migrolino, the comprehensive petrol station network open 24/7 and the modern look of our filling stations, we have created the basis for a pleasant stay.

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